“These health issues had completely taken over my life.”

Several years ago, my health had taken a nose dive. I was experiencing chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. On top of that, I was stressed, my digestion was irritated, and I had insomnia. So, every morning I would wake up exhausted and in excruciating pain which prevented me from enjoying many of the activities and exercise that I enjoy. These changes also affected my relationships, I was snappy and irritable to people around me. These health issues had completely taken over my life. I wanted to get back to where I used to be when I was happy and healthy.

Looking for some relief, I went to several health professionals from MD’s to chiropractors. Three years and several thousand dollars later, nothing had changed. I was depressed and felt a sense of powerlessness to experience relief and get back on track. At one point, I was prescribed five different medications for these various health problems. Some of them didn’t make a dent in symptom relief, and all had their own unique side effects. When I went to the doctor, I felt like the physician was not listening, but rather throwing in a new prescription on a whim.

I knew I needed to consider a new approach. One day a friend encouraged me to go see a local acupuncturist who had a good reputation for getting results. I felt reduced pain and much more relaxed after the first treatment. The acupuncturist explained that acupuncture is a progressive therapy that affects the nervous system to change health issues like pain in a very safe and natural way. This therapy, he explained, would involve a series of treatments but he stressed it is possible to completely resolve these symptoms. I was very intrigued by the acupuncturist’s statement that several of my health issues were connected and completely correctable.

With a combination of weekly acupuncture sessions, herbal medicine, doing some home exercises, and making some dietary and lifestyle changes, I was not only able to resolve struggles with chronic pain but also experience greater health in many other aspects of my life. I felt great! This experience inspired me so much that I committed to studying Chinese medicine in Colorado.

“I needed to consider a new approach.”

I completed a four-year masters in acupuncture and herbal medicine at South West Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO. which consists of over 3,000 hours of education including work in a busy outpatient clinic with renowned specialists in treating pain, OBGYN disorders, digestive disorders and sleep disorders.

I now specialize in treating pain, stress and digestive disorders with a holistic approach that corrects the root of the imbalance, not just the symptoms, so that patients not only resolve their health concerns but also enhance all aspects of health and most importantly, stay healthy.

I am passionate about helping my patients experience the same level of wellbeing I have been able to experience. I use acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition therapy and lifestyle coaching to achieve this objective.

Greg J. Dow is licensed and certified by the Virginia Board of Medicine.

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