Looking for Acupuncture in Richmond, Va?

Our acupuncturist, Maegan Hodge, specializes in chronic conditions such as:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Hormonal Imbalance + Fertility Concerns
  • Long COVID
  • Digestive Concerns
  • Allergies
  • And More

Find out if you are a candidate for care – book your consultation today. Then, let us take great care of you.

It’s so much more than acupuncture alone. Read about our services.

Looking for Acupuncture in Richmond, VA?

Our acupuncturist, Maegan Hodgespecializes in chronic, and difficult to treat conditions such as:

Chronic Pain, Hormonal Concerns, Neuropathy, Digestion Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgiaand more.

We also offer complimentary consultations to help determine if you are a good candidate for care.

How do we get you there?

First, we establish your most important health goals.

Second, we create a treatment plan together including the services that are the best fit for YOU.

Third, we track your progress as time goes by to make sure you are on track to meet your goals.

We believe it is possible to:

Failing to take action on your health problems can have unexpected costs.

You might feel like you are dealing with your health problems A-OK, but have you stopped to think about how they are impacting your life?

  • Maybe those doctors and pharmaceutical bills are taking a permanent chunk out of your budget
  • Perhaps you stand or walk less or are less active because you are in pain all the time, or you are depressed.
  • It could be that you travel less than you used to manage, but you *loved* traveling!
  • Perhaps you stand or walk less or are less active because you are in pain all the time, or you are depressed.
  • It’s possible you interact with coworkers and loved ones less because you don’t have as much energy as you used to.
  • Whatever the impact is, these effects ADD UP.

If this is ringing some bells for you, book your free acupuncture consultation at our Richmond, VA clinic.

Are You a Candidate for Our Services?

We perform Acupuncture, Orthopedic Acupuncture, TCM Herbal Biotherapy, Gentle Electrostim Therapies, and Integrative Fertility Treatments.

We will assess which services are the best match for your health goals.

Icon of doctor/acupuncturist and patient. This person will get acupuncture in richmond, va.

Step 1

We have an in-office acupuncture consultation. We analyze your goals and determine if you are a candidate for care at no risk to you.

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Step 2

We give you a customized strategy, which lays out the path to success. Then, you start acupuncture!

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Step 3

We track closely what happens between visits so that we are sure you are getting results.

Worst case scenario, you meet some nice people and an acupuncturist who cares about you.

Maegan Hodge Licensed Acupuncturist. Acupuncture in Richmond, VA photo

Being sick or in pain can really zap your quality of life. We understand because we’ve been there ourselves, and we know from personal experience that acupuncture can save the day for many patients struggling with many types of conditions. This gives us our edge.

Our Virginia Board of Medicine certified acupuncturist has helped thousands of patients with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, hormones and more using acupuncture in Richmond, VA.

If you’d like to learn more about Maegan Hodge, Licensed Acupuncturist, you can click here.

We Have The Best Local Reviews for Acupuncture in Richmond, Va

Our patients are the lifeblood of our clinic, and the reason we are happy to show up to work every day. Namely, we take utter joy in watching their process. A patient will often undergo a complete transformation during their time with us. Someone can go from being miserable, unhappy, sometimes even crying during their consultation to brighter and happier and smiling and laughing over a matter of weeks or months.

Of course, not everyone gets those kinds of results, but we do everything we can to make sure that you do. Primarily, we also monitor you closely to make sure that if you are coming for the duration of your program that you are getting results. We accomplish this by having you fill out weekly progress charts and periodic outcome assessments to check progress. If a patient is not responding to care, we are always happy to get you a good referral.

In summary, if acupuncture is something that you have been considering, we hope that you will give it a chance. It can be a big leap of faith for many people who have not experienced it yet, but these are our favorite kinds of patients. We take pride in helping you feel comfortable with the process!

Ingrid P.
Ingrid P.
Beth R.
Beth R.
I am always impressed wth Richmond Acupuncture & Wellness. Maegan is professional, caring and genuine in helping you with whatever health issue you are having. Her staff are wonderful & her treatment rooms are peaceful and so pleasant! Highly recommend.
Brenda H.
Brenda H.
I did not know what to expect, however, the front desk team put me at ease, explained the process, and Meagan was great!I have been attending these session for about a month, and the areas we have are focusing on as a team have improved significantly!
Sarah T.
Sarah T.
I love everything about this place! I love the location (right behind the Poe Museum🖤🖤🖤) and the warm welcome I receive as I enter the serene and soothing space and the care that’s taken with getting me situated and comfortable. Maegan is reassuringly confident in her treatments and her treatments are highly effective, and almost immediately so! Also her Instagram account, Centered, is very creative and informative.
Ron Spears S.
Ron Spears S.
I had a great experience during my free consultation with Megan. She was able to identify issues I have that are not documented, but are areas I have been trying to resolve personally. I’m apprehensive about needles, but felt so confident with Megan that I did not question her about procedures, discomfort, etc. because of her level of professionalism, in addition to her “bedside manner “. . . I was at ease.
Deborah B.
Deborah B.
Exceptional customer services and individualized care. I always feel at ease and secure during each visit. I started visits with extreme discomfort in my back, arms and shoulders. Treatment plan has been very successful. I rarely experience discomfort in these areas. I have been an informed and active participant in the plan of care. I highly recommend Megan and her team without any reservations.
Audrey Z.
Audrey Z.
What a lovely place. It’s truly a sanctuary in the city! The whole staff is kind and attentive, and the space is clean and peaceful. I highly recommend Maegan and the whole centered staff.
Paul D.
Paul D.
I would recommend Maegan to everyone in need of acupuncture or who is thinking about going through an acupuncture treatment. Everyone involved is friendly, caring, and accommodating. As a bonus, I feel tremendous compared to prior to treatment
Jackie W.
Jackie W.
If you are having symptoms of sciatica, SI joint pain, excruciating pain from your low back that radiates down your legs, give Acupuncture a try.I was unable to sit for five months. After three hospitalizations, two epidural steroid injections, X-rays, MRI, CT’s, and fifteen pain medications, steroids, anti-inflammatory medications, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgeons, nothing worked. My friend told me to try acupuncture.I found Maegan and after three visits, I was able to sit, drive my car and finally get back on track to a normal life. Everyone was amazed that the only thing that worked for me was acupuncture. When traditional medicine does not work – give alternative medicine a try. It truly works.
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B.
I’m a little late on reviewing this amazing place but in reflection on my journey trying to figure out my chronic illness, I realized how much of an impact this center had on me! Maegan is top notch, she was so patient and thorough. She really worked so hard to figure out everything that could be wrong with me. This place of wellness is so clean, professional, and all the staff was so kind and welcoming. Highly recommend if you just need a boost of wellness or you are having a health concern and need it figured out! Although I am a nurse, I still wholeheartedly believe in holistic medicine for a lot of things. I still struggle with my illness as I am still working towards my complicated situation but I am looking forward to the day I am able to come back in to her for a tune up!
Stephanie R.
Stephanie R.
I worked with Maegan towards the end of 2020 when my health issues were making me lose my sense of self. Maegan’s support, understanding, and encouragement immediately made her stand out, but it was also how she taught me to respect and listen to my body that has stuck with me almost 2 years later. I often reflect back on my treatment plan and how I felt when I was seeing Maegan regularly - it was the best I’d ever felt in my life. I hope to make my way back to Maegan soon!
Laura W.
Laura W.
I was heard and cared for at a time I needed it most. After 12 sessions, I feel like myself again. I will be forever grateful! Thank you!
Libby C.
Libby C.
the best!!
William S.
William S.
Maegan is a BEAST in her trade. She literally has surgical precision with not only her hands, but her approach to each individuals needs regarding treatment. I also have to give a shout out to Miriam and Carol for always being so accommodating!After spending over 13 years in a high stress job where I was constantly hunched over, my muscles had literally forgotten how to relax to a normal state. All the way around my shoulders, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings felt constantly in tension every moment of every day. Similar to permantly stretched rubber bands, no amount of yoga, or professional massages matched the release of those bands after my first, light treatment with Maegan.What most people probably want to know about: the pain. I have no tattoos and I cringe at needles. 95% if the time there is absolutely no pain, and the other 5% is never more than anything I'd experienced during a standard physical exam at any physician's office. Every massage I've had has hurt worse than any session with Maegan.Honestly, I was a soft sell when I walked into the clinic. I already researched Maegan and effectively made my decision before I walked in, BUT with that said: I was truly amazed at how effective 20-30 min under the needle was in my musculoskeletal relief. Concomitant to the process, I can tell through our many discussions that Maegan has a more balanced understanding of how the human body and mind work compared to the average Western taught Healthcare industry worker. Simply put, she's as sharp and versatile as her tools and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience!Thank you again everyone at Centered: Richmond Acupuncture!