TCM Herbal Biotherapy

TCM Herbal Biotherapy is a time-tested, holistic internal medicine treatment that can help address a wide range of complaints.

Why Use TCM Herbal Biotherapy?

TCM Herbal Biotherapy uses high grade medicinal extracts, processed in a pharmaceutical-standard, GMP-certified facility to treat numerous internal medicine conditions.

These extracts are rigorously tested for contaminants and heavy metals. While the processing and use of these medicinal extracts have vastly improved over time, this treatment is rooted in a tradition that has been around for thousands of years.

What To Expect From TCM Herbal Biotherapy?

Accurate Evaluation

We will analyze your presentation and give you an estimate of the number of treatments likely needed based on both traditional diagnostic parameters and clinical evidence-based data.

Course of Treatment

The duration of time you will need will vary based on your specific condition, the amount of time you’ve had it, etc. Most patients are treated from 3-4 months, then released from care.

Easy and Convenient

For our TCM Herbal Biotherapy we provide easy-to-use, “just add water” powders to drink. Most patients are prescribed twice daily “teas”. Simple and quick to take!

TCM Herbal Biotherapy is often combined with Acupuncture, Orthopedic Acupuncture, or ATP Resonance Biotherapy™ for best results.