A happy couple sits in a chair together researching acupuncture and gentle e-stim therapies that pair well with it.

Gentle Electro-Stim Therapies

A non-invasive, painless technique for treating pain using low-level electrical currents. It’s pretty wow.

Gentle Electro-Stim Therapies

These are well-studied techniques used for treating pain that uses low-level electrical currents. The current is delivered to certain parts of the body in an attempt to relieve pain.

Electrical frequencies have a direct, and often immediate effect on our bodies. For example, there are frequencies clinically proven to reduce inflammation and others that improve circulation. It’s like writing a computer program for our bodies to heal.

There are hundreds of electrical frequencies that we use to reduce inflammation and pain. An initial consultation is required to find out if you are a candidate for our e-stim therapies.

What To Expect From Gentle Electro-Stim Therapies?

Accurate Evaluation

We will analyze your presentation and estimate the number of treatments likely needed based on clinically evidence-based data.

Course of Treatment

The number of procedures you will need will vary based on your specific condition, the amount of time you’ve had it, etc.

Quick and Comfortable

These therapies are quick and PAINLESS, and you’re out of the office in about 30 minutes.

A happy couple celebrates feeling better due to their acupuncture they received in Richmond VA.

Gentle Electro-Stim Therapies are usually combined with Acupuncture or Orthopedic Acupuncture for even better results.