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Acupunturists believe that when you take the time to look at the bigger picture and are willing to listen to what the patient’s body is trying to tell you, amazing things can happen. At Centered: Richmond Acupuncture & Wellness know that most of us don’t have endless time and financial resources, and we really take that seriously. We create a treatment plan together with our patients which reflects how we would expect things to progress for you with your goals and resources in mind. We blend a strong background in the sciences and traditional medicine to address your symptoms or concerns from the bottom up. Yes, we do acupuncture at our Richmond clinic and lots of it, but we also do so much more.

“We harness the power of listening.  Of teaching.  Of meeting you where you are at – to give you your life back.”

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Maegan Hodge is a rare find – she is truly partner in healing and health. She uniquely combines results-focused acupuncture with supportive herbs that together maximize health and well-being. I highly recommend Maegan’s services for anyone seeking optimal health. – E.R.
I have had a long-standing problem in one of my ankles after falling and breaking it. The orthopedist’s only solution was to fuse the bones of my ankle which meant I would no longer walk normally because it would no longer bend. I was desperate because on some days I could barely walk and depended on a cane. After only one acupuncture treatment with Maegan Hodge(painless and very relaxing) there was a tremendous difference in my overall pain and range-of-motion, and after the second treatment it was as if I’d never had a problem at all. -B.B.
Gentle and knowledgeable, Maegan has a wonderful holistic approach that truly looks to treat a problem, not just a symptom. Her approach gave me everything I craved in Western medicine and rarely got. Frequently I would leave her office and feel as if I just experienced a spa visit/therapist/yoga class/Dr. visit all in one. There is no where else in life that I experience this kind of recharge. I highly recommend the investment of your time and money here. Maegan is a professional; she is smart, kind and inspiring and has truly improved my quality of life. -C.S.
I’ve found Maegan to be a real partner; she’s been willing and able to help sort through my issues and work diligently to help in resolving them. The pill for most any symptom nowadays neglects the cause, and the acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional suggestions that I’ve received from her have helped to eradicate the causes. There is a real restorative effect I’ve received through the acupuncture and the very valuable advice on herbal treatments has me on a safe and effective plan. I’m so glad I found them. -T.T.
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I believe there is another way. I believe that for most people it is possible to feel good in your body every day.  I believe that the body generally knows how to be healthy, we have to simply remove any impediments to that process and make sure that it has all the tools and fuel it needs. I believe that you can heal, that your body knows how to heal and wants to heal. It just needs some guidance. 

This isn’t just about acupuncture. It’s about figuring out why you have that symptom, that pain. Do you have a tight muscle that is causing pain and inhibiting blood flow?  Do you have a systemic circulation problem that results in not enough good quality blood infusing the tissues resulting in chronic inflammation and/or pain? Do you have a lot of inflammation in your gut that bleeds out into the rest of the system and is causing mood problems or headaches or joint pain? These are just some examples, but we are looking to find the common denominator. What we do isn’t “energy medicine” or wacky out there stuff.  It’s real medicine. It fixes real problems.  

 As an acupuncturist, I’ve had the opportunity to see many, many of my patients leave my office recovered from their complaints. I truly love the work that I have the opportunity to do.  If you are interested in discussing whether or not your specific condition could benefit from our services, please contact us with your questions.

-Maegan Hodge, Licensed Acupuncturist

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