The Root Of It All

Circulation and the Gut: The two most important systems to get in order One of my teachers says something that is very obviously true, but also quite helpful to think about: “The basic requirement of health is to have highly oxygenated, highly nutritious blood flowing to all of the tissues in the body.” This means you need plenty of blood flowing to any given area of the body, and that the blood has to [...]

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Acupuncture For Headaches

Acupuncture For Headaches, ExplainedOh, Richmond, you all seem to have a lot of aching heads! Clearly, you are not alone, as headaches are one of the top ten most disabling conditions. Good news!  We are going to talk you through the discomfort, and teach you about when acupuncture for headaches is most appropriate.Specifically, there are two types of headaches: tension and migraine. Tension headaches are the most common, while migraines may be accompanied by a [...]

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Chinese Medicine: A Basic Primer

What is Chinese Medicine? Chinese medicine, which includes the acupuncture modality, is a nature-based healing modality which has thousands of years of rich history. It is still being used today in clinics and hospitals throughout China and most of Asia as a primary medical modality and its popularity has been increasing in Europe and the United States over the last 40 years. It is a complete medical system that is capable of treating a [...]

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Acupuncture For Chronic Injuries

Many patients ask, “How does acupuncture work?” It’s a tricky question to answer because terms like “qi” and “yang” aren’t what most people are looking for right out of the gate. They want to hear the question answered in a way they can understand, which means explaining things from a Western perspective.  This can be done, but the reality is that the scientific community’s inquiry into the workings of acupuncture is really in its [...]

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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

... or Nourishing Life with Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are poorly understood terms.  In the Western world, we have developed an unfortunate nomenclature for practitioners of Oriental medicine. We call nearly all practitioners of this fully developed medical system “acupuncturists”, despite the fact that acupuncture is only one of the many tools available for the study and application of this system of medicine. To call someone an acupuncturist is thusly misleading, unless [...]

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Why Acupuncture Is Fun & Not So Scary!

By Maegan N. Hodge, L.Ac. After living in Portland, Oregon for five years where an acupuncture or naturopathic clinic is practically on every corner, and people seem almost bored if you tell them you’re an acupuncturist (only because they have one already, and 2.5 of their friends are acupuncturists), coming back home to Virginia provides some stark contrast. First, acupuncture is relatively new here and lots of people are excited about it, and that’s [...]

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How to Pick An Acupuncturist

By Maegan N. Hodge, L.Ac. Through conversations I’ve had with some folks lately, I’ve come to a fresh state of awareness regarding how overwhelming it can be when it comes to picking the right health care practitioner.  It’s hard enough to find a doctor or a dentist that you like, and you don’t even really have to think too much about their qualifications – anyone who practices as a M.D. or a dentist has [...]

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