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Maegan N. Hodge Speaks On Lyme Disease

Last summer, our Principal Acupuncturist, Maegan N. Hodge, took some time to sit down with her colleague Andrew Miles, DOM of the Botanical Biohacking podcast to discuss the modern treatment of Lyme disease and how traditional practices of “witchcraft” in ancient southern China unwittingly contributed to advances in the field. Sounds strange right? We promise we do not advocate the practice of witchcraft for medical purposes. We have, however, been told that it is a very interesting listen!

Maegan has been treating patients with Lyme disease in her clinic in Richmond, Virginia since 2011. Prior to that completed a year-long course of study on the treatment of Lyme disease and other recalcitrant chronic infections with her mentor, Heiner Fruehauf, who is widely considered to be one of the foremost experts on the subject in the field of Chinese Medicine.

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